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The COLT Institute of Karate and Holistic health is a unit of the Celebration of Life Trust, a registered Trust committed to the cause of promoting a holistic approach to good health and clear mind through Martial arts, Yoga, Meditation, Healing and Personality development. The Headquarters is located in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. Established in December 2003, COLT Organization is a Rejuvenating health centre that provides courses on Karate classes, Contemporary yoga therapies, natural and effortless meditation technique, enhancing personality development and other laudable program providing training on stress management and rehabilitation for people. COLT Institute is a brain child of Shihan S.Ravi and Shihan M.Babu. The institute is presided by Sensei A.J. Jawad 3rd Dan in Karate and a successful Lawyer in Chennai, India.

As the saying goes Relax, Resist and Rejoice, the Celebration of Life Trust (COLT) organization boosts the connection of body and mind. The combination of these two will make a man to conquer the world.

This unique foundation has gained recognition to conduct classes for various professionals and well known schools and colleges, Fitness centre like Fitness One and other Gym’s. The foundation provides vision, resources and a committed corps of talented people who are successfully conducting classes across India and Canada with more than 90 branches and 30 schools with around 1500 private class students and more than 5000 school students. More than 30 Instructors working professionaly. We conduct classes for perfect meditation that connects body and mind.

Meditation is important, to have a sense of meaning and purpose in life and work. People can tap into the deeper emotions of others and get them to rise above and beyond anything they may have accomplished in the past.

The personality development programs are tools for managing people and their performance in a complex and changing workplace. We educate youth on how to emancipate their personality and make them a versatile a person.

The courses in our institute shapes the confidence, builds a character and helps to uncover the unleash ones potential.


# 62, A 2nd Floor,

M G Road, Vannandurai, Adyar,

Chennai - 600020,

Tamilnadu, India.

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